Remember when?


A blast from the past.  The Hi-Ho Drive In and Malt Shop was located on Route 11.  It’s famous drink was obviously the Hi-Ho, a milk shake with ice cream, milk, flavored syrup and crushed ice.  The crushed ice made the drink so thick that the oversized straw you got wasn’t useable and a spoon was needed to actually eat the shake.Slide1

Remember these?   They became super popular in the late 1950s when a California(duh) company, Wham-O, brought out a plastic hula hoop and sold more than 25 million of them within four months.  A couple of years later, more than 100 million had been sold.


Did any of you graduate from high school in this year?  If you did, you were probably born in 1946, and you, my friend are what they call a “Leading Edge Baby Boomer.”  The top TV shows were Bonanza, Bewitched and Gomer Pyle, USMC.  TV shows that had been around for a while included; Ed Sullivan, 17 years, What’s My Line, 16 years, Red Skeleton, 14 years and Ozzie and Harriet 13 years.


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