It’s Unfortunate, But Punxsutawney Phil Saw His Shadow!!!

0527drivein500x325Drive-in movies aren’t open in winter. In fact, there aren’t a lot of drive-in movie theaters open in summer either. What a shame that our kids and grandkids won’t have the chance to experience the joy of a Saturday night at the drive-in.


During the 1950’s, drive-ins grew by 400% from around 1,000 to about 5,000. They accounted for about 1/3 of all the movie theaters in America. The drive-ins ranged in size from 50-car theaters to a couple in Michigan and Texas that could accommodate 3,000 cars each.

According to an article, written by Anthony Paletta on June 20, 2013, only 357 drive-in theaters now exist throughout America.

Remember those horrible speakers your parent would attach to the driver’s window? Ever drive off without disconnecting the speaker first? That wasn’t good for either the speaker cord or especially, the window.mime-attachment 3

One of the best things about the drive-in was the snack bar. You could over-indulge before the movie or during the intermission, and when you did, you either missed a part of the movie or sat in pain depending on whether or not you chose to go to the restroom. I have a particularly memorable evening about one Saturday at the drive-in, but I’m not sharing. How about you?


6 thoughts on “It’s Unfortunate, But Punxsutawney Phil Saw His Shadow!!!

  1. Does anyone remember the all night drive-in movies at the Point? A lot of us weren’t allowed to go, but somehow, a sleep over with a friend would come about on that night!


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