You Can’t Argue With The Facts

How many times have you listened to someone argue about how good the music is today? It’s not. The best music is the music of the ‘50’s and the ‘60’s!

So what are the facts?

The Rolling Stone periodically publishes a number of top 500 listings, including one for records and one for albums.

500 songs

The last time it published its record list, seven of the top ten records came from the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, including:

  • #1 Bob Dylan, “Like A Rolling Stone” (1965)
  • #2 Rolling Stones, “Satisfaction” (1965)
  • #5 Aretha Franklin, “Respect” (1967)
  • #6 The Beach Boys, “Good Vibrations” (1966)
  • #7 Chuck Berry, “Johnny B. Goode” (1958)
  • #8 The Beatles, “Hey Jude” (1968)
  • #10 Ray Charles, “What’d I Say” (1959)

To amplify this a little bit, of all these 500 songs, 276, or more than 55% came from two decades, conspicuously the ’50’s and the ’60’s. That means 45% came from the ’40’s, and the ’70’s through the ’00’s.

500 albums

The Rolling Stone album list also had seven of the top ten albums from the same period. These included:

  • #1 The Beatles, “Sgt. Pepper” (1967)
  • #2 The Beach Boys, “Pet Sounds” (1966)
  • #3 The Beatles, “Revolver” (1966)
  • #4 Bob Dylan, “Highway 61 Revisited” (1965)
  • #5 The Beatles, “Rubber Soul” (1965)
  • #9 Bob Dylan, “Blonde on Blonde” (1968)
  • #10 The Beatles, “The White Album” (1968)


Another site ( ranks the All Time Top 6,000. Guess what … the ‘50’s and ‘60’s get nine of the top ten songs. That list is slightly different from the Rolling Stone list, and it places these additional songs in the top ten:

  • The Beatles, “A Day In The Life” (1967)
  • The Beatles, “Strawberry Fields” (1967)
  • The Ronettes, “Be My Baby” (1963)

That’s it! We win!

3 thoughts on “You Can’t Argue With The Facts

  1. Pet Sounds! Everything Beatles. I remember waiting for the next Beatles album with great anticipation each time. But let’s not leave out The Mamas and The Papas. And then Laura Nero and Richie Havens, Blood Sweat and Tears, The Allman Brothers and so many others. It’s great of you to bring back good memories of the music and with that all those great old memories.

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  2. I could listen to 50’s and 60’s music all day. And, let’s not forget the individuals like Bobby Vinton, Paul Anka, Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, Elvis, Chubby Checker, Fats Domino, Pat Boone, etc. These were the days when music was music and you could understand all the words and they were NOT swear words. I still have many of my 45’s from back then and have bought cd collections of these songs. In fact, I listen to them so much, that my 18 year-old granddaughter has stated that she is sure she was born in the wrong decade and belongs back then!


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