It All Depends …

It’s one of my earlier memories.

Mom and Dad drove our family to West Virginia to visit my grandmother. While she was making lunch, she told me to look in the icebox and get myself a pop. I didn’t have a clue what to get.

According to a lot of articles, what people call soft drinks is different depending on where they live. The two most recognized names are “soda” and “pop.” Let me try to clear that up.

Supposedly, if you live on either of the coasts, you’re probably used to the name soda. If you live in the Midwest, the more common term is pop; that is unless you’re living close to St. Louis or Milwaukee, in which case, you’re more like the coast dwellers. Residents of the Pacific Northwest or Mountain West like pop too.

Now, if you’re from the south, people call soft drinks cola or coke, no matter what they’re drinking, and rural Americans drink soda water. Got it?


Now, that everything’s been clarified, try to remember the last time you had a Yoo-Hoo, Lotta Cola, Nehi, Kayo or Moxie.


And if you’re really motivated, how about the last time you sat down on a revolving stool at a counter and ordered a chocolate, vanilla or cherry coke, and watched the soda jerk actually added the syrup to your coke (or pop or soda or whatever).

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If you can remember that, can you remember if your flavored coke was served in a glass or in a cone that was inserted into a metal base? But you might have preferred one of those real ice cream milk shakes that were mixed right in front of you.

I’m gonna go get a pop now … an alcoholic one.

6 thoughts on “It All Depends …

  1. I remember going to Cains Pharmacy, in Danville with my sister, Lou when I was little. She would always buy me a CMP and a cherry coke and we would sit in one of the four booths near the soda fountain counter area which sported four revolving, backless high top stools with bright red vynyl
    covers. From my viewing spot in the booth—and I would always sit on the side that afforded me the best view—I could watch the mixing of the cherry coke , my sister’s chocolate milk shake and the elaborate production involved in making my CMP (chocolate ice cream, marshmallow cream, peanuts and a big red cherry on top)—best cherry cokes I ever had–great memory

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  2. Coming from New York where we called it soda I was surprised in the Midwest that I had to call it pop. Up in Maine I learned about Moxie, but almost always preferred Coke. As a kid I was fortunate enough to go to the local pharmacy which had a soda stand with the old-fashioned fountain drinks and the stools that Spun around. And a real ice cream sodas and egg creams – my favorite was a black-and-white. A small Coke out of the fountain was a nickel and a large Coke was a dime. But I learned early on that if I bought two small cokes I would actually get more for my money. I can remember that but these days I have a hard time remembering the name of the movie I saw just the other day.

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  3. I always called them soft drinks as a kid. Once I moved away, they became sodas, which I found silly because, to me, sodas were what I always ordered at the soda fountain — ice cream sodas. My favorite was chocolate. I do remeber one time When I was ordering a flavored coke, I got really adventuresome and ordered a cherry, chocolate, vanilla coke. It was absolutely delicious — tasted like a chocolate-covered cherry, my favorite candy!! Ordered them alot more after that!!


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