Potato Chip Nostalgia

A friend of mine wondered if these posts I’m sending out are actual excerpts from my book, “Baby Boomer Reflections: Eighteen Special Years Between 1946 And 1964.”  They aren’t.  The book is scheduled for release in May 2015.  It is an actual story.  These posts are fun memories I believe we need to share.  Please share them as well with your FaceBook friends.


I’m going to start this out as a central Pennsylvania story, and then admit, up front, that the story goes way beyond where it starts.

One of my favorite recurring memories was accompanying my Mom to a local store where they made hoagies (submarine sandwiches for those not familiar with the Keystone State). If I were convincing, Mom would let me buy some Tastykakes (another blog subject) and potato chips to go along with my nutritious hoagie. The Wise Potato Chip Company, in Berwick, PA and The Middleswarth Potato Chip Company in Beavertown, PA made the best chips, each distinctively different in its own way. My Mom liked those brands because they came in a variety of bag sizes, usually small.


While that worked in our house, my friend’s mom had periodic deliveries of potato chips that came in a large recyclable can … Charles Chips, from the historic Pennsylvania Dutch region near Lancaster, PA. I’m not going to lie … I had “chip envy.”

Charles Delivery Men, who drove Charles Delivery Trucks, delivered Charles Chips, and subsequently, Charles Pretzels to those families whose parents were kind enough to treat their well-deserving family to the best junk food on earth. I still wonder why my parents were so mean as to deny my two siblings and me this small pleasure of a weekly can of potato chips.


In any event, I believed that my baby boomer peers throughout the USA really missed something, that is, until today, when my diligent research uncovered that people in other parts of America also knew how to make and consume potato chips.

I hope you enjoy looking at potato chip cans from throughout our glorious country.

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2 thoughts on “Potato Chip Nostalgia

  1. Just about anyone who returns to my home town in central Pa, leaves with several large bags of Middleswarth chips. When I visit my son’s family in N.J., price of admission is several bags of Middleswarth bar-b-que’s.

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