7 thoughts on “What would you like to see in future posts?

  1. Fred:

    I like everything you have posted. Keep them coming.

    Maybe a future thread might address that of our first cars and the central importance of them to our hormone fueled teenage years. Mine was a 1952 Nash Rambler.

    The great thing about that car was that one did not need a computer to tune or service it. It was a very simple machine. It taught me a lot about the basics of how vehicles work.

    Unfortunately, my good judgment had not yet matured into wisdom. Not too long after I acquired my Nash, I got a job that included painting a swimming pool. My Nash had a light blue paint scheme but it needed some touch-up. While painting the pool, it occurred to me that the paint I was applying to the pool was a close match to that of my car.

    What was supposed to be a touch up turned into a complete new paint job. It didn¹t look that bad except for the fact that the pool paint had grit in it so as to allow one to get a toe grip on the sides of the pool. What I thought was original thinking I later questioned but I decided to double down and boast about it and I achieved some degree of acclaim except from my father who had given me the vehicle.

    My father also disapproved of another modification I made to the vehicle. I cut out a small section of the floor in front of the rear seat. I was tired of my beer drinking buddies constantly needing to pull over and pee. Now they could just pee via the hole in the floor.

    I liked that Nash but it didn¹t live all that long. Nor did the first vehicles of my daughters even though they didn¹t take the creative liberties with them that I did with my first car.


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    • Let’s talk about the soap box Derbys we used to have in Danville. Darwin Cooper from here won in Danville and went on to race in a championship race in Ackron,Ohio. After he returned home there was a parade to honor him. Don’t remember a lot of details, but maybe you could research it Fred.


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