Kips Toyland Part Two


So the reason I went to Kip’s Toyland in the first place was to discover what toys we had as baby boomers that still survive. Kip’s Toyland has been around a long time, having started the year before the baby boom officially began.

Since Don Kipper, a leading edge baby boomer himself, and the current owner of Toyland was preparing for his store’s seventieth anniversary, he had already done a lot of research. I am simply taking advantage of his knowledge, and have added other information I discovered.

Here’s a part of what he had written down. I’ll bet you will remember most of these toys. I’ll also bet it will be tougher for you to figure out whether you played with them, your children played with them or both. They’ve been around a long time. The years are when the toys were patented or first brought to market, although some, like Jacob’s ladder, have been around for thousands of years although in slightly different forms.

  • Parchesi 1867
  • Tiddlywinks 1888
  • Jacob’s Ladder 1892
  • Crayola crayons 1902
  • Erector Sets 1913
  • Tinker Toys (no longer made) 1914
  • Raggedy Ann 1915
  • Lincoln Logs 1916
  • Duncan YoYo (Patent) 1932
  • Sorry 1934
  • Monopoly 1935
  • Chutes and Ladders 1943
  • Slinky 1945
  • Scrabble 1948
  • Candyland 1949
  • Pick Up Sticks Unknown
  • Marx Fort Apache 1958

If you still have any of these classic toys in original packaging, they are worth a considerable amount of money. Today, many of them are made in China, and they cost a lot more than they did when we played with them.  Unfortunately, you can’t get chemistry sets any more.

Here is a photomontage of today’s packaging except for Fort Apache. Don has an original of Fort Apache displayed over the front counter.

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4

If you’re ever close to Los Angeles, you’ve got to visit Kip’s Toyland.

7 thoughts on “Kips Toyland Part Two

  1. The first email got sent before I was done, which happens sometimes. I don’t really have a lot more to say but I loved those games, especially Chutes and Ladders. Sorry, too. Monopoly I felt was always to cutthroat. I have been selling real estate for the last 20 years. Go figure. Have a very good night.


    Riley Jason Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker Brown Harris Stevens Residential Sales Direct: (212) 452-4477 Cell: (917) 864-0585

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  2. Now I’m motivated to go to the Marx Toy Museum in Moundsville about 25 miles from me. They claim to have the largest collection of Marx toys in the world. Thanks for the peek into Kip’s!!!


  3. Hi Fred,

    You have found your true calling…you’re an excellent writer! Also very generous with your flattering comments.

    Thanks again and see you soon



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