The Sunday Funny Papers


It’s Monday morning. Time to reflect on the past weekend.

So, here’s another memory to share with your friends and families.

Unfortunately, because newspapers are becoming relics, so will the comic strips that were once family traditions in our times, as we enjoyed reading them together, whether we were adults or kids. Those special Sunday comics sections carried other important stuff, like puzzles, cut-and-paste activities, including paper dolls and comic-like advertisements. The funny papers also provided something for future inventor’s to create. For example, Dick Tracy actually had a two-way wrist watch in 1946. Take that, Steve Jobs!  I wonder if Dick Tracy’s creator got any royalties?


The early funny papers filled entire newspaper strips and were subsequently reduced in size to half-page or strip formats. During World War II, paper shortages reduced their size even more. Typically, during the 1950s, the comic sections were ten to twelve pages long.  Which of the following strips can you remember like it was yesterday?

WallyWoodPrinceValiant LIL-ABNER-19500108 Unknown-1  dagwood_sandwich 19194 1097782-LittleIodine10BCs ca064-09494v nancy Mark-and-Cherry-episode    phantom_lee_falk_1934 91fa6e365591b1f79efaff61d76f3848

In case you are a person who likes to rank things, I found a source that listed the top twenty-five comic strips of all times. The baby boomer years resulted in only five of those, including:

  • # 25 Beetle Baily, created by Mort Walker, from 1950 to present


  • # 22 B.C., created by Johnny Hart, from 1958 to present


  • # 18 Dick Tracy, by Chester Gould, from 1931 to present


  • #   8 Pogo, by Walt Kelly, from 1948 until 1975


  • #   3 Peanuts, by Charles Schulze, from 1950 until 2000


And the rest is history.  Please share this with your FaceBook friends.  And watch for Baby Boomer Reflections in May.

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