Happy Fourth of July


Since 1966, consumer fireworks exceeding certain regulations have been illegal, including M-80s, silver salutes, and cherry bombs. Remember the fun we baby boomers had before that time?

southborder_rocket  VP14111-31-standard-fireworks-1950s

A common sight in the U.S. in the 1950s and early 1960s used to be the roadside stand selling cherry bombs, M-80s and other now-illegal fireworks. Today, fireworks stands are still a common sight in many U.S. states but the explosive content of fireworks is much less than it was before 1966. Some states regulate fireworks sales to allow them only in the period on and immediately before July 4th and/or December 31st. Some states allow fireworks sales year round. There are also some U.S. states, mostly in the northeast but also including the states of Georgia and Arizona, which ban fireworks altogether, and California only allows fireworks deemed “safe and sane” by the state government and bans firecrackers, bottle rockets, and other fireworks that don’t have the state government’s approval.


So, in a throw back to those baby boomer days, here are some photographs of the fun things that we enjoyed on the Fourth of July, whether they were managed by our parents or launched by us. Remember “snakes,” “sparklers,” and “brick’s?”

Firework Montage firecracker-brick-labels-vintage-fireworks-color-cherry-bomb $_35 67fc67e0dbc59176b8fcb311d1e43633 22_1 23_1 30_1

Happy birthday, America?


4 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July

  1. I had to be the only kid ever that was afraid of sparklers and fireworks. What a woose!

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  2. A highlight of our annual family trips to Ontario was the opportunity for my brother and me to stock up on fireworks–mostly various sizes of firecrackers which were bright red and looked like cartoon dynamite sticks. The largest ones were four inches long and satisfactorily destructive.


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