Remembering Mr. Softee


Thanks to a friend for sending this to me.

Mister Softee Inc. was founded by two brothers, William and James Conway, in 1956. On St. Patricks day of that year, Bill and Jim took their first truck and gave out green colored ice cream in the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia.By 1958 the company had outgrown the building in Philadelphia and moved to the current location in Runnemede, NJ. It is at this location that Mister Softee transforms plain trucks into Americas’ most recognizable mobile ice cream vendor.

It was born in Philadelphia but is as much a part of New York’s aural landscape as taxi horns, “that heavenly coffee” and “watch the closing doors.”

An annual herald of summer for more than half a century, it is exquisitely Pavlovian, triggering salivation or shrieking — sometimes both at once. It is the textbook embodiment of an earworm: once heard, never forgotten.

 sheetmusicthumb  It is the Mister Softee jingle, which for generations has sprung from ice cream trucks throughout the metropolitan area and beyond after first springing from the mind of Les Waas, a Philadelphia adman who died on April 19 at 94.

Great memories!!!


3 thoughts on “Remembering Mr. Softee

  1. Gotta differ with you, Fred. In New York it was the Good Humor Man that got all us kids gathering. Toasted almond. Raspberry ice. I can still taste them.


  2. I remember Mr. Softee. In the warm weather you had to lick quickly to avoid the drip. Of course when it dripped on your hand you just used tongue on hand to clean up the drip!
    Ahhh those were the days, my friend.


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