Twenty-one Photos Baby Boomers Will Recognize Immediately.

This is a product of the “Archive Project.” It was simply too good to not share.

  1. Gas was very cheap.
  2. Just one hula hoop wasn’t enough.
  3. Cars were colorful.
  4. We got dressed up for birthday parties, and sometimes ponies showed up. Toy guns made great gifts.
  5. A&P was a top brand.
  6. So was Ben Franklin.
  7. Ice cold soft drinks in small glass bottles were amazing.
  8. Grandmas let us do everything when we visited.
  9. Seat belts were options, and car seats were like couches.
  10. There was only one TV, everyone watched the same show, and it was in black and white.
  11. Dances were special … especially lady’s choices.
  12. Freezers had to be defrosted … and ice cubes took planning.
  13. Notes were written and passed.
  14. We played in the streets. 
  15. A pull-behind xylophone was a special toy.
  16. There were “car hops,” some on roller skates, but no drive throughs.
  17. Skates got “locked” with a key.
  18. The drive-in was the place to be. Sometimes, friends came along in the trunk.
  19. Sunday drives were a thing.
  20. Playgrounds were very different.
  21. TVs had sign off messages. Test patterns helped to sharpen images by adjusting antennas.


2 thoughts on “Twenty-one Photos Baby Boomers Will Recognize Immediately.

  1. Great memories! Thanks.

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