Happy Mother’s Day 2018

Mom would have been 102.

As I think back to the wonderful maxims she used to share, at least two of them are so inane, they are silly, but I cannot get them out of my mind today. Food that “sticks to your ribs,” and making sure I was wearing “clean underwear in case I was in an accident!”

Please share this and post similar maxims your mother shared with you and any that you mothers share with your children. And have a wonderful Mother’s Day.mothersday vintage

4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day 2018

  1. My mom wanted to have “the talk” with me and didn’t until after I was engaged. We sat down on my bed and she gave me her one sentence talk. She said: “You know, we don’t believe in pregnancy wedding dresses.” I said okay no problem Mom and out she walked. Yep, that’s was “the talk.”


  2. My Mom would be 105 this past January 16th. She was a wonderful Mom to her three girls of which I was the oldest. When we lived in Fort Lauderdale from 1943 until I moved in 1984 my Mom was my best friend. She told me the story of how I got the spelling of Dian. My folks lived in Louisville, Ky when I was born. They went to the horse races all the time and she liked the name “Diane” when she saw a horse at one race named “Delightful Dian” running in the next race. She ran to the ticket window and put $2.00 on this “Long shot” which went off at 40-1. If you can believe it, the horse won the race and she made $80.00 back in 1941 and that’s how she decided to spell my name. Always thought that was such an interesting way she decided to spell my name. It was her Good Luck charm.


  3. Yep, I got those also. And, don’t cross your eyes or they’ll stay that way! Be early, not on time. On time is late!


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