American Bandstand

There weren’t many baby boomers who didn’t watch Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. Originally shown locally on Philadelphia’s WFIL-TV starting in late March 1950 as “Bandstand,” it premiered nationally today, August 5, 1957 … SIXTY-ONE years ago. Leading edge baby boomers were already or about to become eleven years old.

CBS Sunday Morning just ran an excellent period piece about the show and its long-time host, Dick Clark. Click here, and enjoy the memories.

3 thoughts on “American Bandstand

  1. I didn’t have TV then at home but got to see it when I went to my friends, which was always! Watched it religiously once my aunt came to live with us and brought her TV!


  2. We know a couple that danced on the show. Did you notice… two of the boys had suits…. the third a sport coat.  No tattoos that I could see.  Jim Casimir Office (702)407-9641 Cell (702)234-0871 E Fax (702)446-0421 Conference (888)330-9939 code 435-347#


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